News.Apr 20, 2023

Torgny Holmgren steps down as Executive Director

Karin Gardes becomes acting Executive Director for SIWI, as Torgny Holmgren steps down after 10 years on the post.

Olle Burell, First Vice Chairman of The Board, comments:

“In this very important time for SIWI, The Board believes that it will benefit the organization to meet challenges and opportunities under a new leadership. Our agreement with Torgny is therefore that he, as of now, steps down as Executive Director. We are truly happy that SIWI’s Chief Operating Officer, Karin Gardes, has accepted to lead SIWI as Acting Executive Director and we look forward to keep working together. The recruitment for a permanent Executive Director will commence shortly.”

Karin Gardes joined SIWI in 2020 after a long and established career with more than 20 years in international development cooperation, where she has held various positions at the UN, the EU, International IDEA and Save the Children.

“It is with great humility that I have accepted to lead SIWI. Together with all my brilliant colleagues in the organization, I will keep devoting myself to put water at the very top of the global development agenda.”

Karin Gardes, acting Executive Director, SIWI

Thanking Torgny Holmgren for his time as Executive Director, Olle Burell says:

“I admire Torgny for his long-standing work towards a more water-wise world. The Board also values that he wants to keep contributing to SIWI’s important work after leaving the organization. It will be up to the new leadership to determine how to best make use of his experience.”