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You are invited to the online Water Pavilion at COP27

SIWI is actively involved in the pavilion, which is advising governments and negotiators on water-related climate solutions. All sessions can also be followed online, so that everyone can learn about how water can help us find more effective ways to tackle climate change.

Welcome to the Water Pavilion of the climate meeting COP27

At the UN climate meeting COP26 last year, SIWI led the first-ever Water Pavilion in the Blue Zone, meaning that it was located in the section frequented by negotiators. From the beginning it was however decided that the activities in the Water Pavilion should also be made available online to anyone wishing to attend. All sessions were therefore broadcast online via SIWI’s Youtube channel, which was a huge success.

When COP27 starts later this week, the Water Pavilion is back. Between 7 and 18 November, it will offer a steady flow of interesting sessions, livestreamed through the Water Pavilion’s website. The aim is to raise awareness of the role of water for climate, highlighting powerful but under-utilized water-related solutions. Each day will have its own theme, and the combined programme will span a broad range of topics, from sanitation, food and energy, to gender, development and biodiversity.

The 2022 iteration of the Water Pavilion is led by the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation and mobilizes 40 different organizations committed to driving action on Water for Climate.

“We are very pleased with the great interest in the Water Pavilion. With COP27 focused on collaboration for implementation and a thematic day devoted to water, it is a critical moment to mobilize the water community and partners in the global climate action movement,” says Dr. Eman Soliman from the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation who is the focal point of the Water Pavilion.

Follow SIWI to COP27

To share new knowledge about water and climate, SIWI will be taking active part in the global climate conference COP27 between 6 and 18 November. Join our programme online to learn about a promising new generation of climate solutions.


“It is a critical moment to mobilize the water community and partners in the global climate action movement”

Dr. Eman Soliman, Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation & Water Pavilion focal point

SIWI is an implementing partner for the Water Pavilion, leading on different activities, but also arranging our own sessions together with like-minded organizations:

Don’t miss the chance to hear leading experts present cutting-edge knowledge and learn about case studies from all over the world. Taken together the ten themes will offer an unusual overview of the critical role water can play in effective climate action.

Welcome to the Water Pavilion

The Water Pavilion is held 7-18 November in the Blue Zone of COP27, offering cutting-edge, science-based advice to climate decision-makers and negotiators.

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