2014 Call for registration

On August 31, we open the doors to 2014 World Water Week in Stockholm, themed “Energy and Water”. In the following pages you will find the programme, covering such diverse topics as the challenges to our ecosystems, human rights in relation to energy and water, sanitation, and the emerging hot topics of fracking and water pricing.


Water and energy are inextricably linked and interdependent. We need water for and energy for water. We believe that this is just the beginning of a closer cooperation between our two communities: it is only by thinking and acting together that we can create lasting change. We have invited energy and water professionals from the science and research communities, governments, international organisations, civil society and the private sector to present their perspectives.

As this year’s World Water Week falls between two major milestones in the process leading to a Post-2015 Development Framework, the release of the UN Open Working Group recommendations and the UN General Assembly, the Week will offer an excellent opportunity for the water community to discuss and push for a dedicated goal on water in the future Sustainable Development Goals.