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Call for Engagement 2020

Now is the time to engage and we invite you to be part of the most prestigious annual focal point for international water issues. The theme for 2020 is “Water and Climate Change – Accelerating Action” with a focus on innovation, science and actions needed to tackle one of the greatest threats to our planet and our very existence.

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More and more people are beginning to understand the climate crisis is in fact a water crisis. People all over the world are experiencing climate change in the form of water; floods, droughts, cyclones and increasingly unpredictable rainfall patterns. However, it is in the poorest countries and the most marginalized people who are often impacted by climate change the most.

World Water Week 2020 is where everyone’s voice can be heard. 4,000 participants from 135 countries, representing decision-makers, scientists, water experts, NGOs, civil society, indigenous groups and innovators create the ideal platform for you to collaborate, innovate and provide concrete solutions to address the climate and water crises. Make your voice heard and join us in Stockholm in 2020 whether you are a first timer or one of our thousands of regular attendees. Your voice and participation matters!

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