Water interactions for consideration in NDC enhancement and implementation

Around the world, countries are preparing their plans for reducing carbon emissions or responding to the impacts of climate change. "Water is the primary medium through which we will feel the effects of climate change" (UN-Water). As this quote from UN-Water notes, many of those impacts will be felt through changes to water resources, whether quality or quantity.


These changes will be felt across our communities and economies, with sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, human settlements needing to adjust to new realities around a resource upon which they all rely. But often the important role of water is forgotten or set aside. In order to raise the profile of water and building understanding of interactions between water and other sectors, the Water Governance Facility has prepared this checklist document, in concert with the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation.

This document is specifically designed to promote conversations between climate change professionals and other sectors on the important role of water, and help to ensure that impacts of activities on water resources are not forgotten about as countries race to meet the challenge of climate change. And going back to the quote from UN-Water but shifting it around, water is likely to be the primary medium through which we will address the effects of climate change.


UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility. 2020. Water Interactions for Consideration in NDC Enhancement and Implementation.