Training Manual on Water Integrity

The training manual is developed to assist capacity builders in developing training and educational programmes on water integrity and how it can be promoted and worked with in more practical ways. The overall goal is to develop institutional capacities and prepare for change through increased knowledge and action on integrity, accountability and anti-corruption in any country or region.

The Training Manual on Water Integrity has been developed in partnership between WGF, Water integrity Network (WIN), Cap-Net and WaterNet. It consists of seven basic training modules – with supporting power point presentations – that provide substance on a number of issues focussing on water integrity and how it relates to water governance and integrated water resources management.

The seven modules explain the nuts and bolts of water integrity, how corruption plays out in the water sector, what drives it and what can be done about it, according to the following:

  1. Water Governance (AR, EN, FR)
  2. Corruption in the water sector (AR, EN, FR)
  3. Identifying corruption risks (AR, EN, FR)
  4. Anti-corruption laws, institutions and instruments (AR, EN, FR) – Case study (EN)
  5. Transparency and access to information (AR, EN, FR)
  6. Accountability (AR, EN, FR)
  7. Integrity in integrated water resources management (AR, EN, FR)

Courses and training manuals exist in Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian. You can download the training manuals as a whole by clicking the links in the right side bar. Download the powerpoint presntations of the different modules separately, by clicking the link after the module name.

If you are interested to know more or want to explore the integration of certain modules in your existing training programmes, please contact:

How to cite: UNDP-SIWI Water Governance Facility, WIN, Cap-Net and WaterNet. 2009. Training Manual on Water Integrity. Stockholm: SIWI.