WASH Bottleneck Analysis tool : A Country Implementation Guide

This guidance document was updated with a strong involvement of SIWI under the collaboration with UNICEF through the Accountability for Sustainability programme.

WASH BAT country implementation guide_(Pr7)Final_WEB

This Guide aims at supporting resource people who are responsible for facilitating and organizing a workshop on the application of the WASH BAT to ensure an effective outcome. This new version took into considering all recommendations made by the global review of WASH BAT implementation and bring also the climate risk perspective leading to a more resilient WASH sector.

It guides each user to reflect on different elements, steps and preconditions required for a successful preparation and implementation of the entire process through a checklist of options. The Guide also provides different options so that it can be customized to any given context taking into considering the climate resilience framework.

A User Manual and Tutorial Video are available at WASH BAT homepage for further understanding the tool, as well as a Resources Page with additional training materials.