Working Paper.2018

Water and Faith: Acting in Partnership to Achieve SDG 6 2018 World Water Week Engagements Summary

During the 2018 World Water Week, the Water and Faith consortium partners including: the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), World Council of Churches (WCC), Global Water Partnership (GWP), the Church of Sweden, Swedish Institute Alexandria and GIZ organized a series of events and activities to bring key water professional and faith-based development actors together to create a shared space for dialogue and partnership development.

Highlight events from World Water Week included a public Showcase entitled ‘Water and Faith: Acting in Partnership to Achieve SDG 6’, two public SIWI Sofa video recordings and livestreamed events, and a closed high-level meeting. Each event was designed to elevate key messages around water and faith partnership with implementation partners to raise interest and attention to the shared efforts to achieve SDG 6.