World Water Week 2017 – Call for Engagement

Read about the many opportunities to get engaged in the World Water Week; the thematic scope, highlighting important perspectives on the theme; and the nine core seminars featured at the Week. You will also find all of the information you need to submit your event proposals and abstracts.


The Week will address the theme “water and waste – reduce and reuse” from a holistic system perspective, addressing issues and challenges from all parts and countries of the world – low, middle and high income. It will do so by engaging all relevant water-dependent sectors, particularly food and energy, and all relevant stakeholder groups – public, private and civil society – with special attention to gender and age balance.

The theme covers the entire geographical range: upstream to downstream – from source to sea – and both rural and urban. However, with a rapid rate of urbanization, and the concentration of water-waste challenges in dense urban environments, the Week will contribute to the follow-up of the world’s urban summit HABITAT 3 in October 2016 by including a special urban focus.