2021 | Turkey | Water issue adressed: Too much

Monitoring of Household Water Use and Controll of Pressure with Internet of Things and Cloud Database

Water resources in the world are used in 3 areas: agriculture, industry and households. This project targets household consumption that has been the least studied.

In this project, a model was created that will contribute to increasing the awareness and control on water consumption. In this model; there are smart water meters that create usage data, a mobile application integrated with the internet of things and cloud database that provides a detailed display of this usage and a pressure reducing system which works under the control of this mobile application and supports the household to limit water use. It is thought that if the model is put into widespread use, it will increase awareness and decrease in water use.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

We think that water use of individuals is related to the level of consciousness and the reflection of this awareness on habits. So we thought it would be great to use a mobile app to target these! Then we combined it with a pressure reducer to provide a concrete limitation.