2022 | United Arab Emirates | Water issue adressed: Too dirty

My Water Bottle Project

There’s nothing fantastic about bottles made out of single-use plastic – yet, they are everywhere! 11 million metric tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean every year, and 8 million tons of that number constitutes of single-use plastic bottles. The safeguarding of oceans starts on land – it starts with each one of us. This is the pivotal belief that My Water Bottle Project rests on. My Water Bottle Project is a gamified platform meticulously designed to discourage the use of single-use plastic water bottles and strengthen water security. The project is focused on the places which groom future change makers and global citizens – schools. It aims to embed a deep sense of responsibility in young minds and inspire them to take action. I trialled My Water Bottle Project at my school and the results showed an impressive decrease in single-use plastic water bottle usage, thus validating the fact that it is small actions taken at the individual level which will lead to huge, impactful, cumulative results.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

The premise of My Water Bottle Project is to start at the grassroot level and engage the young people in a way that appeals to them the most – using gamification and incentivization. The amalgamation of these two growing trends is the perfect route to awareness, education, and action.

Ania Andersch
Programme manager
+46 8 121 360 59


My Water Bottle Project A gamified school program aimed to reduce single use plastic and strengthen water security by focusing on youth through a platform based on education and incentivization.