2022 | Nigeria | Water issue adressed: Too dirty

Solar Cyanotoxins and Aromatic Contaminants (SoCAC) WATER PURIFIER

Water pollution constitutes a major set-back to the availability of safe water for consumption and other uses, especially in under developed countries.

In consonance with this year’s theme, “Seeing the unseen: The value of water”, I have the intention of solving this great menace. In this paper, we will have an insight into certain problems we all encounter in everyday life and how they affect us. SoCAC (Solar Cyanotoxins and Aromatic Contaminants) Water Purifier stands as the solution to these problems. This paper will also highlight the importance and applications of SoCAC Water Purifier over other methods of water purification.

This is how I came up with the idea for this project:

I saw the need to create an environmental friendly solution to water pollution challenge in my community.

Ania Andersch
Programme manager
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