Insight.Apr 05, 2018

World Water Day recap: Two laureates, the value of water, and lifting nature-based solutions

In 2018, World Water Day focused on “Nature for Water” and two professors transforming wastewater treatment were named Stockholm Water Prize Laureates. In the lead-up, SIWI was also leading discussions on source-to-sea management, nature-based solutions and understanding the true value of water. Here’s a recap!


1. “Biotech pioneers, Bruce Rittmann and Mark van Loosdrecht, win 2018 Stockholm Water Prize”
Professors Bruce Rittmann and Mark van Loosdrecht were named the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize Laureates for revolutionizing water and wastewater treatment. Meet the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize Laureates and learn how one could think of pollution and waste as a resource, here >>


2. “Balancing Green & Grey this World Water Day”
SIWI’s Executive Director, Torgny Holmgren, reflected on the theme for this year’s World Water Day and the roles that nature and humans play in all aspects of water. How should green and grey infrastructure be balanced as we move towards sustainable, responsible and inclusive water management? Read the full article here >>


3. “Water action for the ocean – high-level panel sets direction for sustainable management from source to sea”
SIWI was present at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia to highlight a wide range of water issues, in particular source-to-sea management and the interconnection between forests and water management – two areas closely related to water governance. The SIWI-hosted “Action Platform for Source-to-Sea Management” convened a High Level Panel, focusing on the linkages between SDG 6 (Water and Sanitation) and 14 (Life below Water). Catch up on the panel here >>


4. “2018 UN World Water Development Report released ahead of World Water Day
SIWI contributed to this year’s World Water Development Report, stressing the use of nature-based solutions (NBS) and emphasising its capacity as a cost-effective tool. Read Josh Weinberg’s summary of the future solutions and challenges NBS creates >>


5. “11 Heads of State call for fundamental shift in the way water is valued
The High Level Panel on Water, consisting of 11 Heads of State and a Special Advisor, called for a fundamental shift in the way the world manages and values water in its report “Making Every Drop Count: An Agenda for Water Action”. John Joyce explains what this entails for future and how SIWI is involved in the “New Agenda for Water Action” >>