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Do you work for, or know of, an organization that would be a good fit to arrange a Stockholm Junior Water Prize contest in your country? It is an exciting competition which plays an important role in raising awareness of water issues among young people.

Stockholm Junior Water Prize competitors presenting their project


The below requirements constitute the overall framework for being a national organizer. For details, the national organizer has the freedom to form the national competition to fit local preconditions and budget restraints.

The national organizer is required to find and use sponsors and partnerships (environmentally responsible companies/organizations, according to the SIWI sponsor policy)

The national organizer is required to:

  • Ensure that the guidelines for eligibility in the competition are followed.
  • Appoint a national jury.
  • Submit a national winner.
  • Make all the necessary preparations for the international final.
  • Communicate with involved SIWI staff.

The national organizer is required to:

  • Market the prize to target groups, ensuring the opportunity is extended and available to as many of the eligable young students as possible.
  • Produce and distribute marketing material.
  • Create a webpage for the national competition.

The actual competition period is around the entire schoolyear, with the international finals taking place between May and August.

The aspiring national organizer needs to compile a project proposal, containing:

Please contact SIWI in order to receive a project plan that you can fill in for this purpose.

  • Facts about the organization (employees/members, representative companies, turnover, HQ etc.).
  • Facts about the people suggested for the national jury (we suggest a minimum of five and a maximum of nine people).
  • A plan of action including milestones and an outline for financing, arranging, and marketing of the national competition.
  • Plans on how to develop the national competition over a three-year period.
  • An authorization from the head of your organization.
  • Budget

Here are some guidelines for calculating the costs for the national competition. Items that should be included in a budget are:

  • Marketing/PR, information material and website.
  • The complete cost for the national competition.
  • Other administration costs.
  • Travel costs to the international final for the national winners, and the national organizer’s representative. This should also include accommodation, food, and other expenses for the national organizer’s representative.

This restricted page provides tools and important information for national organizers. Login is required.

Restricted page for national organizers

This restricted page contains the list of projects and criteria for judging. Password is required.

Restricted page for the jury

Being a national organizer is a great responsibility and requires long-term commitment

You must be sure you have the resources to take on this task. If you do, it is an event associated with great joy, thanks to the enthusiasm of the participants.

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