SIWI has organized platforms (also known as cluster groups) within a broad range of fields since 2003.

Here you can learn more about previous work with past cluster groups / multi-stakeholder platforms.

Sweden Sustainable Textile Water Initiative (STWI) 

The Sweden Textile Initiative (STWI) started as a cluster group in 2015 to encourage resource efficiency in the fashion textile industry. The methodology was developed by Swedish brands over a two-year period with the aim of reducing the negative impacts of emissions from energy, chemicals, greenhouse gases and water.  

The project led to impressive gains. Between 2015 and 2017, 80 million kWh of energy was saved and 11 million m3 of water, which equals the daily need for 220 million people. Furthermore, the project is expected to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 460,000 tons.  

Water and Food 

The Water and Food cluster group worked with the food and beverage sector. In 2017, five field visits were undertaken, including to India and Peru, together with business representatives from ICA, Axfood, Hermansson & Co, Santa Maria, and Systembolaget.  

The results from Peru are presented in the report To the Last Drop, produced by Swedwatch and Diakonia, with support from SIWI (also available in Spanish). The report calls for Swedish companies to take more responsibility for the water impact of their production. SIWI encourages companies to monitor their water impact.  

Examples of networks and standards for this include Swedish Water House’s Water JourneyAlliance for Water Stewardship Standard, the Solidaridad Network and the CEO Water Mandate Stewardship 

Water and Pharmaceuticals 

In 2014-2016 Swedish Water House facilitated a cluster group on Water and Pharmaceuticals in response to new research about pharmaceutical production’s impact on water resources. The groundbreaking work led to the projects Reducing Emissions from Antibiotic Production through Resource Efficiency (REAP, active 2016-2020) and the Responsible Antibiotics Manufacturing Platform (RAMP, started in 2020).  

Other concluded cluster groups: 

  • Climate, Water and Vulnerability
  • Conflict and Water Group
  • Large-Scale Water Infrastructure
  • Swedish Network for the Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture (CAWMA)
  • The Resilience and Freshwater Initiative
  • The Swedish Environmental Flows Initiative
  • Transboundary Water Management
  • Water and Anti-corruption Network
  • Water and Corporate Responsibility
  • Water and Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Water and Energy
  • Water and Rights
  • Water and Sanitation in Peri-urban Areas
  • Water and Wastewater