The groundwater multi-stakeholder platform focuses on how to make the invisible more visible, which is crucial for sustainable water provision and for resilient ecosystems in facing climate change adaptation and mitigation. 

Water gushing out of a pipe

In March 2022, on World Water Day, Swedish Water House established a multi-stakeholder platform on Groundwater, aimed at fostering dialogue and sharing of knowledge among actors from various sectors of society. Swedish Water House, under Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), has facilitated approximately 20 such collaborations since 2003, many of which have served as an incubator for larger, international initiatives.


The group aims to enhance the understanding and proficiency of Swedish actors in incorporating hydrogeological elements into water resources management. This will support the goals of Sweden’s Global Development Policy and contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and international initiatives. Joining the cluster group involves investing time in learning and developing skills with others who are committed to the topic. The process includes member meetings, stock-taking seminars, and other methods of creating and sharing new knowledge. The group also produces policy briefs and scientific reports for a general audience.

The group brings together stakeholders from diverse Swedish organizations within the public and private sectors, academia, and interest groups to enhance collective learning and investigate solutions in groundwater governance and management.

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