The regional office is located in Pretoria, South Africa, with part of the staff permanently deployed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It carries out projects across the African continent.

SIWI’s Pretoria office was founded in 2014. Its team members consist of experts in water governance and integrated water resource management as well as transboundary water cooperation.

Africa is the continent with the highest number of transboundary watercourses worldwide. These watercourses face increasing pressure due to climate change, economic- as well as population growth. Responding to this, the Pretoria office works around two distinct challenges. Part of the team addresses a broad range of topics such as water resource management or water supply and sanitation, with the aim of attracting finance into the regional water sector.

The other part supports transboundary water processes by offering a platform as well as knowledge and tools to strengthen transboundary water cooperation. The Pretoria office develops programmes and builds partnerships across the African continent. It engages in advocacy, capacity– and partnership building, policy advice and research and cooperates closely with a wide range of stakeholders such as governments, the private sector, and river basin organizations. With its deep local and regional knowledge and experience, the team also supports other SIWI departments’ projects and activities across Africa.