World Water Day 2022: Factsheet on groundwater and self-supply

The theme of World Water Day 2022 is groundwater, which is the world’s largest source of freshwater, feeding into many vital systems (such as drinking water supplies, sanitation, farming, industry, and ecosystems). Yet it is largely out of sight and out of mind, hidden beneath our feet.

A new factsheet focusses on self-supply of groundwater, which is the extraction of groundwater by a household, to either fully supply their water requirements, or to supplement public supply services. It answers specific questions about how crucial self-supply is globally and what can be done to help it reach its maximum potential.

It has been compiled by Matthias Saladin (Skat Foundation), Tara Bartnik (WaterAid), John Butterworth (IRC), Vincent Casey (WaterAid), Kerstin Danert (Ask for Water GmbH), Jenny Grönwall (SIWI), and Tim Foster (Sydney University).

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