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Community garden in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso with green plantation sand trees in the foreground and 3 people taking care of the plants in the background
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Insight.Jun 11, 2024

Taking root: locally driven forest landscape restoration

Ivan Sjögren, Manuel Eckert and Dani Gaillard-Picher standing in front of the Dubai City Expo at the closing of COP28, 2023
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News.Dec 12, 2023

Closing COP28: important strides for water

Planet Earth half-way under water
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News.Dec 08, 2023

Temperature check at COP28

Aerial view of a river flowing into the ocean
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News.Dec 05, 2023

Collaborative climate action from the water and ocean communities

Aerial view of a dry lake or swamp in the process of drought and lack of rain or moisture.
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Blog.Nov 29, 2023

Will COP28 help us advance water and climate policies?

Skyscrapers of the city of Dubai through low clouds
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News.Nov 24, 2023

Six messages to COP28

storm and incoming sunset
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Blog.Oct 05, 2023

Säkra vår tillgång till dricksvatten redan idag

river in the city of Kathamndu with mountains in the background in a sunny and beautiful day - Nepal
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News.Jul 05, 2023

5 things you should know about water and cities

People sitting side by side at a long table in panel, facing camera, at the Bonn Climate Conference 2023. Behind them a large screen with a graph, titled "The demand on water will increase"
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News.Jun 22, 2023

Water-wise climate policy on the road to COP28

Sea ice melting, with sun setting on the horizon
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News.Jun 09, 2023

The next big steps in climate negotiations

skyline of New York city reflecting on water
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News.Mar 24, 2023

SIWI mobilized to support follow-up to UN 2023 Water Conference

Close-Up Photo of Plastic Bottle on a sandy beach with blurred ocean in the background
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News.Feb 24, 2023

Source-to-sea approach to prevent plastic pollution. What can we learn to strengthen resilience?

Skyline of New York city with UN 2023 Water Conference logo on the top
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News.Feb 23, 2023

Join our webinar ahead of the historic UN Water Conference

Skyline of New York city
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News.Feb 20, 2023

6 things to know about the UN 2023 Water Conference

Digital illustration by Cécile Pillon Hue of Ricard Giné, SIWI's Advisor, Sustainable Services, Water and Sanitation
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Blog.Feb 09, 2023

What can the WASH sector do to tackle climate change? 4 questions to Ricard Giné

Montreal at dusk with urban skyscrapers viewed from Mont Royal
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News.Dec 12, 2022

What you need to know about water at COP15

Earth view from space with sunrise. Photo is combination of real photo taken from weather balloon with some details furnished by NASA.
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News.Nov 17, 2022

On the road to a water revolution

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News.Nov 09, 2022

Landmark report: water is critical to avert a climate disaster

CCI news item image-01
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Blog.Oct 31, 2022

Leaving no one behind at COP27

COP 27 logo on a white flag floating on a blue sky with light clouds
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News.Oct 24, 2022

Join us at COP27

Digital illustration of the Earth floating in water. A sun ray lighting the glob from behind
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News.Oct 20, 2022

10 messages to the UN 2023 Water Conference

tove dushanbe
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Blog.Jun 09, 2022

Speech | The role of good water governance in resilience

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News.Jun 01, 2022

SIWI at Stockholm+50

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Blog.May 31, 2022

Water fundamental to a healthy planet and people

Hammerforsen dam discharge, during the flood period, Sweden
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Blog.Dec 10, 2021

Human rights and water resources for a healthy and sustainable environment: What SIWI does in the field